Friday, February 24, 2017

Adventures in Siri Failures: Reminders Edition

Dan Moren:

Now, I use Siri to add stuff to my Shopping List in Reminders all the time, and that generally works fine. But for some reason when I tried to do the same thing here, I kept getting the same error: “Sorry, I can’t add that to your library. You don’t seem to be subscribed to Apple Music.”

This is infuriating, for a few reasons. First: What the hell about this query even remotely suggests that I’m trying to do anything with music? Secondly, I’m not subscribed to Apple Music, so why is that lack of a subscription interfering with something I legitimately want to do? It ticks me off to no end that a feature I don’t even use is interfering with something I want to accomplish.

Also, as I keep saying, Siri seems to be much better at turning speech into text than it is at acting on that text. So why isn’t there a way to make a reminder without having it try (and fail) to interpret the text within that reminder? Put another way, it’s frustrating that it can nail the hard part, but then it throws away the results (and my utterances) because it was reading too much into what should have been the easy part.

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