Thursday, February 23, 2017

MagicGrips for Magic Mouse

Chance Miller:

Elevation Lab, the company behind a handful of popular Apple accessories, is today announcing its latest product: MagicGrips. The company says that this accessory is designed to work with the Magic Mouse and makes it easier to grip.

Elevation Lab says that this accessory makes the Magic Mouse more comfortable use by widening your grip and allowing you to squeeze the mouse without it moving upwards. Furthermore, the grip is said to release hand tension.

The Magic Mouse is the least comfortable mouse I have ever used, due to the shape of the edges. This looks like it would help.

(Anyone remember the name of the case that snapped around the original iMac puck mouse to give a more standard shape?)

Previously: Apple’s New Magic Keyboard, Mouse, and Trackpad, Magic Mouse Review.

Update (2017-02-23): I think the iMac mouse adapter that I used was the UniTrap.

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The Wikipedia article you linked to also mentions a product called the iCatch.

How Apple can continue to make the very worst mice around amazes me. I have never used an Apple mouse that has not caused my hand to cramp in less than an hour.

$12.99 (MagicGrips) is more than the price of a Logitech USB mouse…

@stephane Presumably, anyone considering this wants something wireless and likes to use swipe gestures on their mouse. Otherwise, yes, I think Logitech makes much better mice. I’m currently using the wireless M325, which Amazon is selling for $14.45 (compared with ‎$79 for Apple’s Magic Mouse 2). Not only does the Logitech mouse work better for me, but it doesn’t use Bluetooth so it’s not subject to the horrible Bluetooth problems that macOS 10.12.2 and later have plagued me with.

FWIW, I love the Magic Mouse and it's my favorite mouse I've ever used. I think a lot of this may have to do with hand sizes and grips. The last Apple mouse I liked this much was the first ADB mouse (, which also had relatively sharp edges — that may say something about my particular preferences. I've used plenty of non-Apple pointing devices including Kensington, Logitech and Microsoft trackballs, but keep coming back to this one over the last few years. Still on 10.10.5 on my desktop Mac so haven't had to deal with 10.12 Bluetooth issues yet — but it's coming…

@Nicholas I liked the first ADB mouse fine. My my hands were much smaller then, though the M325 is also a relatively small mouse. I don’t remember it feeling sharp the way the Magic Mouse does.

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