Sunday, February 12, 2017

Virtual Apple II

Virtual Apple ][ (via Hacker News):

Almost every Apple ][ and Apple IIgs game ever made, ready to play in your browser.

I was hoping to see Life & Death. They do have have Thexder and Oregon Trail, though, along with Risk, which had a better AI than the Mac version.

Previously: Apple ][js.

Update (2017-02-12): They even have some scanned user manuals.

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Everything I'm seeing says this is broken -- both comments on HN and on the extension page at the Chrome web store. The plugin doesn't work.

Did you get it working?

@BCG Yes, I got all the ones I mentioned to work in Safari 10.0.3, except that Thexder’s controls require a numeric keypad, which my MacBook Pro doesn’t have (even with fn).

You can of course download the disk images and use them with any of the great Apple II emulators like Virtual ][ and Sweet16. I also tried using Jace (a Java emulator) over the weekend, which has some neat features I haven't seen anywhere else like emulation of MIDI cards (some games, such as Ultima V, will use this for music) and RGB (versus composite) video even on non-IIgs.

Yes, I may have a small Apple II nostalgia problem...

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