Friday, January 27, 2017

Injection II, the App

John Holdsworth (tweet):

The Injection plugin for Xcode is now a standalone app. This allows you to inject changes to class method implementations into a running application in the simulator or a macOS app. Injecting is now as simple as downloading the app and having it running in the background while you are working on a project in Xcode then using the menu bar item “Inject Source” (don’t forget to save the file!)


The app includes the “Xprobe” viewer for browsing an application’s memory. It’s loaded into an app using the “Load Xprobe” menu bar item. Initially, Xprobe displays a “sweep” of objects found by recursively following ivars pointing to other objects from a set of seeds. Clicking on an instance link displays the ivars of that object at that point in time. A snapshot can also be taken to freeze the state of the entire application and store it as a standalone web page for later analysis such as this file from Artsy’s eidolon.

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