Thursday, January 12, 2017

100 Days Without the App Store

Bogdan Popescu:

All of Dash’s App Store revenue has migrated to direct sales, with a slight increase.


Dash for iOS was never a significant part of my revenue and like most iOS apps it was never sustainable. I should have open-sourced it a long time ago, as it now brings in more revenue by promoting Dash for macOS.


Dash for iOS returned to the App Store just a few days after I open-sourced it, thanks to He Tiancong and Jie Wang. This is despite the fact that I specifically chose a license that’s incompatible with the App Store. I highly recommend avoiding Dash on the iOS App Store, as I do not know what modifications they have made to my code.

Previously: Apple Removed Dash From the Mac App Store, Apple and Kapeli Respond About Dash.

Update (2017-01-12): Both of the iOS apps are called Dash and have the same icon. And one of them even uses Kapeli’s name. Apple’s reviewers should catch stuff like this.

Bad Uncle Leo:

@appstore did the same to @i0n1c over his App SysSecInfo. Other App clones w same functionality were approved. Just not his.

Update (2017-01-13): Bogdan Popescu (tweet):

Two more developers just released Dash on the iOS App Store as paid apps: Cuilian Su and Zuogen Zhang.

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[…] Previously: 100 Days Without the App Store. […]

[…] Previously: 100 Days Without the App Store. […]

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