Friday, January 6, 2017

OmniFocus 2.8 for Mac

The Omni Group:

In OmniFocus 2.8, basic search works the same way it has since 2014: Click into the Toolbar Search field or hit ⌥⌘F and type the string you’re looking for. The outline and sidebar are filtered to show just items in your current view that contain that string (if there are any). The part that’s new in 2.8 is that instead of being limited to just searching the current view, you can click the magnifying glass icon in the search field and expand the scope! The three search scope options (Here, Remaining, and Everything) mirror the search options available in OmniFocus on iOS.

Previously, I would have to create a new window that showed everything—I have a perspective for that—in order to do a global search. It turns out that I still prefer the perspective way because I can drive it from the keyboard. I can have a keyboard shortcut to open the perspective and then just close the window when I’m done. With the new global search, I have to use the mouse to change the search scope to global before the search and also to change it back afterwards.

See also: the full change list.

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Hi Michael,

We added menu items for search scope (under Edit > Find). Does assigning custom keyboard shortcuts work for you?

Command-Down will bring up scope before, during, or after you start the search.

@Dave Thanks for the quick response. I just tried assigning keyboard shortcuts to “Search Here” and “Search Everything.” It helps, but there’s still the issue of getting back to where I was from the special/temporary Search perspective. The second window just handles that automatically, although the downside is that it takes a while to open the new window.

@Derek Thanks for the tip about the search scope menu keyboard shortcut.

Esc should close the transient Search perspective and take you to wherever you came from. Hope that helps!

@Dave That’s great—thanks! (Note that this doesn’t work if you delete the search string.)

Can we get Omni Group to take over development of the OS for Macs?

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