Sunday, November 27, 2016

Mulle-objc: a New Objective-C Compiler and Runtime

mulle-objc (Hacker News):

mulle-objc is a new way to run Objective-C code on various platforms, based on a new compiler and a new runtime.

mulle-objc goals

  • Run everywhere C runs
  • Everything faster than everyone else
  • No assembler code necessary
  • The runtime should be completely unloadable
  • Separate runtimes should be able to coexist (instances should not cross)
  • Should work in real time applications
  • No magic
  • No locking
  • Keep the Spirit of C

Nat! (tweet) has a series of blog posts describing the implementation and some interesting choices and optimizations. For example, there’s a unified struct-based calling convention, less reliance on the linker, optimized message sending in loops, “Always Autoreleased Mode,” and deliberately no support for dot syntax, blocks, or non-fragile ivars.

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