Monday, November 14, 2016

Microsoft Visual Studio Coming to the Mac

Ben Lovejoy:

Microsoft is hoping to persuade more developers to create Windows apps by bringing its main coding environment – Visual Studio – to the Mac for the first time. Previously, developers had to use a Windows machine or run a virtual machine on a Mac to write Windows software.


The company said that the Mac version uses the same under-the-hood tools of the Roslyn Compiler Platform and MSBuild, and it seemingly leans heavily on app development platform Xamarin Studio. It supports both C# and F# languages.

Rosyna Keller:

Visual Studio for Mac is to Visual Studio as Access is to SQL Server…

Previously: Microsoft Visual Studio Code.

Update (2016-11-17): Here’s Microsoft’s preview page (via Hacker News).

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Everyone who would have been pleased with Xamarin Studio are already using it for Xamarin-specific projects. I understand Microsoft not wanting to call it Xamarin Studio anymore, but calling it Visual Studio without any qualifiers is a slap in the face to both products.

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