Saturday, November 12, 2016

launchctl asuser

Rich Trouton:

One challenge that can crop up for Mac admins is the problem of running a script or other tool with root privileges and using it to launch and run another tool, script or application as if the logged-in user had launched it. An example of this would be installing Dropbox using an installer package, then launching the Dropbox application as the logged-in user as a post-installation task. One reason to do so would be to give the user the opportunity to sign into their Dropbox account.

To accomplish this task, Apple has provided functionality in the launchctl tool.


Starting in OS X Yosemite, Apple made a number of changes to the launchctl tool and added a new asuser function. The asuser function is designed to take the place of the bsexec function, in the context of starting processes in the context of a specific user account. This makes it easier, as you now just need to figure out the username and do not have to figure out the PID of the user’s loginwindow process.

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