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Monday, October 24, 2016

Web Bloat Score Calculator

TestDome (via Maciej Cegłowski):

Page web bloat score (WebBS for short) is calculated as follows:

WebBS = TotalPageSize / PageImageSize

TotalPageSize is the size of all requests, and PageImageSize is the size of a full-page screenshot.

The larger the WebBS, the more bloated a web page is relative to its image representation. For example, Tim Berners-Lee’s homepage has a WebBS of 0.204, which makes it really efficient, while Amazon has score of ~20, making it bloated.

It’s a crude metric—for example, it downsamples retina images, thus penalizing pages that include them—but interesting nonetheless.

Update (2016-10-29): See also: Hacker News.

Yoink’s Revenue a Month After Localizing

Matthias Gansrigler:

With Yoink 3.0 (mac app store, website), I localized the app into Japanese, Simplified Chinese, French, Portuguese (European and Brazilian), Korean and Italian (in addition to the languages that existed from the start: English and German).

Of course, one would expect the revenue to go up after releasing a major new version. Beyond that, I’m not sure what we can conclude from these numbers, especially without being able to compare with predominantly English and German speaking countries, which were the localizations for the previous version.

He also provides a list of localization services.