Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Andrew Gallant (via Hacker News):

In this article I will introduce a new command line search tool, ripgrep, that combines the usability of The Silver Searcher (an ack clone) with the raw performance of GNU grep. ripgrep is fast, cross platform (with binaries available for Linux, Mac and Windows) and written in Rust.


For both searching single files and huge directories of files, no other tool obviously stands above ripgrep in either performance or correctness.

ripgrep is the only tool with proper Unicode support that doesn’t make you pay dearly for it.

Tools that search many files at once are generally slower if they use memory maps, not faster.


ripgrep uses a regex engine based on finite automata, so if you want fancy regex features such as backreferences or look around, ripgrep won’t give them to you.

See also: The Treacherous Optimization.

Update (2016-12-05): See also: ripgrep code review (via Hacker News).

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