Friday, October 7, 2016

Hopper 4 Announced

Vincent Bénony:

Starting with Hopper v4, there is no floating windows anymore: now there is this Display Mode concept, which allows you to look at the content of the file using different kind of representation.


Hopper now features a complete Swift name demangler. No more cryptic names in files written in Swift.


In order to make ASM easier to read, Hopper gives different colors to the objects in the disassembly view, according to its analysis. For instance, stack variables have a different color from numbers, or registers.


Hopper v4 analyses procedures, and collect all the methods called. He is also capable of detecting some indirect calls, like Objective-C messages.


At the moment, there is no precise ETA, but Hopper v4 will be released before the end of the year, hopefully before the end of November.

And now, the big news: Hopper v4 will be a free update for the owners of a v3 license.

This looks great. Meanwhile, there are scripts for Swift demangling.

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The python REPL will be a great addition as well. Hoping it'll lead to more people creating and sharing scripts (myself included).

And the free upgrade feels super generous, especially for a developer audience that usually has a better understanding/appreciation of the work involved for major upgrades.

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