Thursday, October 6, 2016

Experimenting With App Store Search Ads


I am very excited about Search Ads, and I plan to invest into them heavily (both in terms of money and time). I will keep this post updated, and will do my best to collect all the news about it to make this a one-stop place for all the relevant resources.

James Thomson:

The App Store search ads keyword config suggests the trademarks of other companies by default… I declined, @tapbot_paul.

There are no search ads in the Mac App Store, due to neglect.

Previously: Early App Store Search Ads Fail.

Update (2016-10-07): Joe Cieplinski:

Is it or is it not ethical to bid on keywords that are your competitor’s app name?

Why is this a question? Of course it’s ethical.


Now, if Apple’s ads allowed us to spread lies about our competitor’s apps, that would be a different story. If I named my app something confusingly similar to my competition in order to fool someone into thinking they were buying the other product, that’s completely unethical. But these ads are simply giving customers more information. Customers deserve to make the most informed decision possible. They deserve to know your app exists, and that it might actually be better for them.

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[…] Experimenting With App Store Search Ads […]

[…] Experimenting With App Store Search Ads […]

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