Tuesday, October 4, 2016

A Declining Trajectory

Matt Gemmell (Hacker News):

We’d jump if we could. Even that statement alone is arresting for me.

Another year, another OS version, and another batch of broken things that had finally reached a stable state just a few months before. Another set of new things that are of passing interest at most, with their own byzantine quirks yet to be ironed out.


Courage is apparently what it takes to remove a headphone port, according to Phil Schiller. I can only imagine which laudable value might lead to slowing down, making the upgrade cycle biennial, and focusing once again on quality and dependability above all.

Update (2016-10-05): Bernd Haug:

It’s really, really sad because it’s really, really true.

Marco Arment:

I don’t agree with @mattgemmell on everything here, but I’d say his big-picture characterization is right.

Matthew Bischoff:

Apple is right that it has a perception problem with its software quality. But it’s the internal perception that’s the problem.

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And then it is gone. A declining trajectory and a disturbing trend.

It's too bad, in a way, that the Apple platforms share so much. If not for that, it might make sense to spin off the Mac, which would probably be the only way for the Mac and MacOS to get the attention users would like.

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