Monday, October 3, 2016

Window Tabbing Pox

Daniel Jalkut:

Showing or hiding the tab bar on any window sets that choice as the default for all future windows in the app. So even new documents that are created by users, and which don’t have their tab bar visible because you’ve disabled it app-wide, will have a tab bar appended when they are restored at launch time, because “Show Tab Bar” was the last user action before disabling tabbing altogether.

The long and short of it? An app stuck in this situation will not have a View -> Show/Hide Tab Bar, and none of its windows will support tabbing, except for any document that is restored at launch time. Even new documents that are created without tab bars will have the tab bar imposed the next launch.

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This is a misunderstanding of the feature; if a user showed the tab bar at one point, then it should be restored! The developer can explicitly control the tab bar visibility with toggleTabBar:, and tabbedWindows (nil when the bar is not shown).

I don't consider this a bug.


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