Wednesday, August 31, 2016

SuperDuper 2.9

Dave Nanian (product page):

The result of all this (beyond slowing copies down) is that Antivirus users are being informed of potential threats constantly, and before v2.9, each of these pseudo-threats would cause SuperDuper! to stop, because they’re flagged as errors (specifically, “Permission Denied” errors) when we try to open the file for copying.


So, we’ve added a new preference -- which defaults to ON -- that ignores “Permission Denied” errors. We do log any occurrences, but we don’t fail the copy.

If you don’t use antivirus software, you’ll probably want to turn this off immediately.

Also from the release notes:

Restored dyld cache rebuild after copy for 10.8 and later


Hard linked files made invalid in 10.10.3 will be now be copied instead of failing due to a link permission error

Previously: Xcode 8 Illegal Hard Links Prevent Cloning.

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