Saturday, August 20, 2016

Browsing Your Website Does Not Mean I Want Your Spam

Fred Benenson:

Criteo (and their partners, like have successfully performed an end-run around the traditional newsletter opt-in process.

By managing email lists and functioning as an advertising retargeting network, Criteo enables spammers to enroll innocent users browsing the web to 3rd party newsletters.


Criteo’s claim that they didn’t store my information is besides the point. The problem is that I got signed up for spam because I was merely browsing the web, and now a third party has my name and email address. Criteo gets to claim they don’t store that information, but what does it matter if it ends up in the hands of spammers like Sears?

Update (2016-08-22): Sami Samhuri:

Make sure you disable 3rd party cookies in all your web browsers.

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