Thursday, August 18, 2016

AT&T’s New Cell Plans Eliminate Data Overage Fees


The new Mobile Share Advantage plans are available Aug. 21. Consumers and businesses alike can gain a wireless experience, without overage charges. Instead of overage charges, after customers use all of their high-speed data amounts, all data usage will be reduced to a maximum of 128 kbps for the rest of their bill cycle.

Via Josh Centers:

It’s likely that the new Mobile Share Advantage plans will either save you money or provide more data for roughly the same amount that you’re paying now.

It depends on your plan, though. I currently have 2 GB plan for $30, whereas the new plans are 1 GB for $30 or 3 GB for $40.

Update (2016-08-18): Scott:

AT&T raised the price of the device connect $5, from $15 now $20 across the board. Lower plans (<10GB?) were $25, so lower there.

Here, 3 iPhones on $100 15GB plan:
new 10GB: $95
old 15GB: $100
new 16GB: $105

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