Friday, July 29, 2016

Developer Tools Survey

Dave DeLong:

Survey: what non-apple dev tools are you still using, 6+ months after you first got them?

I’m currently using: BBEdit, FogBugz (in Google Chrome), Git and Tower, LaunchBar, Dash, make, Python, VMware Fusion, Hopper, Kaleidoscope, Hex Fiend, xScope, Deploymate, RB App Checker Lite, Script Debugger, SourceTree, Base, Paw, Soulver, and OmniFocus. I plan to switch from Xcode bots to a third-party continuous integration solution.

For the non-code parts of my apps, I also use reStructuredText, pdfLaTeX, Counterparts Lite, Acorn, Icon Slate, and Opacity.

And for deployment: DropDMG and rsync.

Update (2016-08-06): Vadim:

So Dash is the absolute champion!

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ReStructuredText is great for non-coders, too. Like Markdown for grown-ups who want a simpler markup than LaTeX. Only wish Pandoc support for RST was a little more extensive.

Emacs, Sublime Text and TextMate (seldom use BBEdit/TextWrangler any more), OmniOutliner (still on 3.x), OmniFocus, Dash, Hex Fiend, Script Debugger, UI Browser, Git with GitX, Pixelmator, Python (with IPython), Paw (is wonderful), VMware Fusion. Deployment is a bunch of shell and Python scripts which vary by project, and which I really should unify some day. I need a test infrastructure but aside from Hermes which I inherited with Travis CI configured, I'm still in the dark ages here...

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