Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Removing Bit Flags in Swift Option Sets

Erica Sadun:

This code creates the complete .forbidAll set and then removes the local restriction.

var restrictions: AVAssetReferenceRestrictions = [ .forbidAll ]
restrictions .remove(.forbidLocalReferenceToLocal)

Interestingly, you can also pass .forbidAll without brackets in the current version of Swift and it will compile. […] I’m told that this option set syntax works because each element of an option set is itself an option set: [.forbidAll] is the same type and equal to .forbidAll. The array literal form of [.a, .b, .c] is syntactic niceness for creating an empty option set and then inserting (i.e. bitwise OR) each element)

Or you can write:

let restrictions: AVAssetReferenceRestrictions = .forbidAll.subtracting(.forbidLocalReferenceToLocal)

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