Tuesday, July 19, 2016

AppleScriptObjC in Script Debugger 6

Shane Stanley:

The most important new AppleScriptObjC feature, and the most obvious, is how Script Debugger displays results. Instead of «class ocid»..., you will see much more.


First, although case matters in AppleScriptObjC, code completion is case-insensitive. You can type NSS or nss, and get the same result; the correct case will be inserted. You can also use the tab key within the completion list; this is very helpful where there are multiple methods with similar names.


Script Debugger includes terminology for the following frameworks: Foundation, AppKit, Quartz, AVFoundation, AddressBook, Contacts, CoreImage, CoreLocation, CoreWLAN, EventKit, JavaScriptCore, MapKit, OSAKit, and WebKit. The information is collated from the frameworks themselves and from header files, with some filtering applied to remove many methods that cannot be used from AppleScriptObjC.


Finally, there is an important limitation. Script Debugger runs scripts on a background thread, so any code that needs to be run on the main thread needs to use the method performSelectorOnMainThread:withObject:waitUntilDone: to do it. If not, you are likely to freeze or crash Script Debugger.

Previously: Script Debugger 6.

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