Friday, July 1, 2016

Rest in Motion

Nate Soares (via Alexis Gallagher):

This is a failure mode that I used to fall into pretty regularly. I would model my work as a finite stream of tasks that needed doing. I’d think “once I’ve done the laundry and bought new shoes and finished the grocery shopping and fixed the bugs in my code and finished the big refactor, everything will be in order, and I’ll be able to rest.” And in that state of mind, every new email that hit my inbox, every new bug discovered in my code, every tool of mine that wore down and needed repair, would deal me damage.

I was modeling my work as finite, with the rest state being the state where all tasks were completed, and so every new task would push me further from that precious rest state and wear me down.


Look at all the streams you want to move through, assess how much bandwidth you have available, and then simply move through the streams at the appropriate clip.

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