Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Script Debugger 6

Mark Alldritt:

I’m pleased to announce the release of Script Debugger 6. This release introduces over 25 new features and embraces modern AppleScript, including AppleScriptObjC. To sweeten the deal, Script Debugger’s price has been reduced by 50%!

Late Night Software:

If you distribute scripts, chances are you want them to pass muster with Mac OS X’s Gatekeeper, and that means code signing them. Script Debugger 6 makes this task almost invisible with its always-on code signing. Turn it on, and your script is code signed every time it is saved. No more exporting, no more forgetting.


AppleScript’s progress properties are a great way of displaying a script’s progress in an applet, and now you can display them as you run your scripts in Script Debugger 6.


Before Script Debugger 6, working with AppleScriptObjC required specialist software. This powerful technology often requires you to type verbose code, and is unforgiving about case — something foreign to typical scripters. Script Debugger 6’s code completion tools do much of the typing for you and address common problems. Debugging AppleScriptObjC is a bear because AppleScript cannot display values you are working with. Script Debugger 6 fixes this by displaying AppleScriptObjC values as you step through your code — there is no more guessing.

Script Debugger 6 Release Notes:

Script Debugger 6 at long last provides code folding where you can collapse block structures and comments within your code to reduce clutter when editing.


Script Debugger 6 performs each script compilation in a new AppleScript compiler instance. This avoids a long standing problem where it was impossible to change the case of a variable, property, handler or script object once the script had been compiled.

Update (2016-06-29): See also: Howard Oakley.

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