Friday, June 17, 2016

Cornerstone 3 Is Sandboxed


The removal of color from the user interface played a significant role in meeting these goals. Color is now exclusively reserved for the indication of status, both for user interface elements, where blue is used consistently to include that something is on/selected, and for the version control status of user content (e.g. file status, text differences).


Cornerstone 3 implements sandboxing in order that we can continue to offer Cornerstone to Mac App Store customers. […] The implementation of sandboxing in Cornerstone was extremely challenging. While many other developers have either given up or taken the opportunity to remove their apps from the Mac App Store citing the difficulty of implementing sandboxing, we have invested heavily into re-engineering significant parts of Cornerstone to not just work within the confines of sandboxing, but to embrace it.


External compare tools can no longer be run directly from Cornerstone. Instead, the compare tool plugin for your tool of choice must be installed to Cornerstone’s application script folder using the new Compare Tools window (see the Compare Tools… command in the Cornerstone menu).

Looks like a huge update. They also sell direct, which is the only way to get the upgrade discount.

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