Sunday, May 29, 2016

Opening Files and Never Closing Them

Lloyd Chambers:

A few days ago, I wrote about a nasty bug in QuickLookSatellite that can bring the system to its knees, requiring a force kill of QuickLookSatellite or a logout or reboot. That page has now been updated with command line alternatives that make it instant to terminate the offending QuickLookSatellite processes.


Apple Mail has bugs in failing to close open files as well: send an image in an email, then put the file in the trash. Even hours after the email has been sent, the file(s) may remain open, so the Trash cannot be emptied.

I see this with Mail and Preview all the time.

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David Foltz

I was seeing this bug and assumed GPG Mail (beta) was to blame. Sigh.

The Flat Package Editor utility which was part of PackageMaker suffers/suffered from that kind of bug.

The workaround was/is to quit the app after making a change and saving the document. Otherwise, you are in for some surprises. Bug reported to Apple. Never fixed in the lifetime of the app. As usual.

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