Monday, May 23, 2016

Monument Valley: iOS 42% of Downloads But 73% of Revenue

ustwogames (tweet, Hacker News):

3rd April 2016 marked the two year anniversary of Monument Valley’s release and with that we now have a lengthy window to analyse how the game’s performed and what we’ve managed to do with it post release. So with that in mind we’re happy to present Monument Valley in Numbers: Year 2.

Daniel Gray:

Numbers are slightly skewed due to the insanely high number of free downloads during iOS free week. Revenue came purely from IAP.

Jared Schnelle:

We’ve wanted to go free for a period on Google Play but unfortunately it’s not possible, when you go free with a paid game you can never go back.


Monument Valley, one of the most polished and loved premium mobile games ever, has made $15m in its lifetime. Meanwhile, there are multiple F2P games with over $1b in revenue.

Now, $15m is fantastic, especially for a small studio. But high-production value F2P games from bigger studios cost around $3-5m to make, not including marketing/UA, so its pretty clear to see why studios aren’t investing in premium titles at all, unless they are ports of existing content.

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