Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Dropbox API v2

Alexandra Feldman (via Max Seelemann):

Developers, it’s time to start migrating your apps to API v2. To help with this transition, today we’ve published a migration guide that will take you through all of the changes you’ll need to make to get your app running on API v2. […] Remember, any new functionality in the Dropbox API will only be added to API v2. So, upgrade your apps to v2 now, and make sure your users are getting the most out of your app’s Dropbox integration.

Tim Johnsen:

In a bold move, Dropbox’s client library for iOS was written in Swift instead of Objective-C like their v1 library was. Furthermore, their Swift client library was written in a way that’s actually incompatible with Objective-C, making it challenging for a lot of existing apps using the v1 library to adopt.

Many developers are unhappy with this decision, as there’s not a clear path to upgrade from v1 to v2 that doesn’t involve rewriting an app in Swift or adding a Swift-to-Obj-C compatibility layer.


A couple weeks back I decided to start writing an Objective-C Dropbox v2 client library to use in Close-up, and I’m proud to announce today that I’m open sourcing that library. It’s named TJDropbox, you can check it out here!

Previously: Dropbox API v2 Drops Objective-C SDK.

Update (2016-06-29): Alexandra Feldman:

As of today, Dropbox API v1 is deprecated. This includes both the user endpoints (a.k.a. the Core API), and the team endpoints (a.k.a. the Business API). In order to provide our developers with the most up-to-date features and support a single, consistent platform, we’ll be turning off API v1 a year from now, on 6/28/2017.


We are working on an Objective-C SDK for API v2, and expect to release it in August.

Ole Zorn:

Good to hear, but announcing a shutdown date before having an SDK for >90% of existing iOS apps seems insane.

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