Thursday, May 5, 2016

Apple Officially Discontinues WebObjects

Hugi Thordarson (via Kif Leswing):

We probably all know that WO’s been practically dead to Apple for a long time, but unfortunately Apple has refused to state so officially (at least I don’t recall there being an official statement).

Anyhow… In the past years I’ve regularly sent letters to Tim Cook, asking about the state of WO (being the naggy guy I am) and recently, I was contacted by Apple executive relations regarding my questions. The guy I spoke to called a couple of times, at first, he had absolutely no idea what WO was but the second time he called, he had obtained information and had a clear statement: “WebObjects is a discontinued product and will never be upgraded”.

I know this information is extremely redundant, but I still wanted to tell you since it was something of a relief. Felt a little like the police calling you to let you know that they’d found the remains of your friend that’s been missing for 15 years and finally declared him dead.

Update (2016-05-05): Gianluca Bertani:

So discontinued that they built iTunes Connect with it.

Update (2016-05-14): See also: Hacker News.

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