Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Survey of Developers Who Use Macs


Most programmers would probably agree that unit tests improve code quality. Nevertheless, our survey reveals a big gap between theory and reality: be it lack of time or budget, but only a minority of developers writes unit tests regularly.


A whopping third of developers uses Trello for task management. This makes it the most popular tool by far, followed by JIRA, Omnifocus, and Wunderlist.


Developers seem to manage bugs & issues in one of three ways: using JIRA, GitHub Issues, or no special tool at all! With almost one in four developers not using a dedicated tool, a lot of text files and emails must be floating around.


The overwhelming majority of development teams does not use any dedicated tools to handle customer support. […] On the other hand, those people that do use a customer support tool are in agreement that Zendesk is the go-to service.

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