Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Broken Apple Man Page Links

Dr. Drang (tweet):

Yesterday, I discovered that Apple had changed the URLs of all its online man pages. Without, I should add, creating redirects so old links would continue to work. This broke all the man page links I had here at ANIAT and undoubtedly broke links across the internet.


Most of the URL is the same, but the “mac” part is gone, and the whole library has been moved to the “legacy” subdirectory, which is kind of ominous. I suppose there could be another copy of the library outside the “legacy” subdirectory, but I haven’t found it, and so far neither has Google.

Nick Heer:

Adding a redirect from the prior URL to the new one is old-hat basic stuff. I’d be shocked about this if I didn’t run into an issue earlier this year where I discovered that Apple News links don’t automatically redirect from the http:// version to the https:// version, and simply display a 404 error page instead.

Apple has the same problem for regular documentation links.

Ole Begemann:

Linking to Apple’s site in a blog post is uncomfortable. Most links will be broken or the content will be totally different in a year.

Update (2016-05-03): Jack Lawrence:

I’ve spoken with the team & the redirects were added last weekend. Please test & let me know if you’re still having issues.

I just tested a bunch of links from my old blog posts, and the redirects all worked.

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