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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Apple’s Neglected OS

David Sinclair:

Sometimes, I encounter serious issues that make me think that [Mac OS X] isn’t getting the attention it deserves from Apple. Sure, each year they add lots of useful new features, and hundreds of APIs… but there are often huge fundamentally broken problems that don’t get addressed.

I just encountered another mysterious bug that Apple says has no workaround, so I thought I’d take a moment to mention some that particularly bother me. Again, I really like Macs and Mac OS X, and primarily develop for it (along with iOS and watchOS), so I wish these issues would be fixed. I have, of course, filed Radar bug reports for all of these.

Here are my top three, all of which Apple has said there is no workaround, but are causing serious issues for lots of people.


Fundamental things like reliably launching helpers, accessing Twitter accounts, and a functioning clipboard should not be low priorities. They should be urgent priorities that get fixed before adding new features.

Automation and Taskpaper Interchange in OmniFocus 2.14

Ken Case:

TestFlight builds now support callback URLs with name, note, parallel, flag, defer, due, project, and context parameters. […] The callback URL returns a link to the generated task, so the calling app can reference the task and open it later.


So we took this a step further, and added support for copying projects from OmniFocus as TaskPaper text and pasting them back into OmniFocus as TaskPaper text. And then another step further, creating an Editorial workflow. This Workflow accepts TaskPaper text with «placeholder» tokens and prompts for you to enter final values, then creates a project in OmniFocus 2.14 for iOS using those tokens.

Great idea.

Third-Party Reddit Apps Pulled From App Store

Graham Spencer:

Today, numerous third-party Reddit clients were removed from the App Store by Apple for breaching clause 18.2 of the App Review Guidelines. This clause states that apps will be rejected if they contain “user generated content that is frequently pornographic”.

The official Reddit app, which launched last week and was featured by Apple on the App Store, currently remains in the App Store, but other Reddit clients including Narwhal, Antenna, Eggplant and BaconReader have all been removed for sale. These third-party Reddit clients were removed from Apple without any advance notice to developers, despite some of the apps being available on the App Store for well over a year. It should also be noted that many of these third-party apps, such as Narwhal, did have a filter to enable or disable NSFW content.


Some of the third-party Reddit clients have now returned to the App Store. Both Narwhal and Antenna are now available in the App Store, but both have been updated to remove the NSFW toggle that used to be in their apps. It is our understanding that Apple’s objection is with the implementation of those NSFW toggles. Apple wants them removed from all Reddit apps so that if a user does want to view NSFW content, that toggle must be manually changed from the Reddit website.

This doesn’t make much sense to me. You can make an app that browses the entire Web, but you can’t make an app that browses a single Web site? And if you have a NSFW filter, Apple wants you to go to the Web site to toggle it instead of doing so within the app? That would be like making it so that you can’t buy e-books from within a books app. Oh.

See also: Chance Miller, Husain Sumra, Harish Jonnalagadda.

Scrolling Tweetbot to the First Unread Tweet

I had been wondering about this for a while. For whatever reason, the read marker syncs reliably but the scroll position doesn’t. Tapping the status bar scrolls all the way to the top, but how to only scroll up until you see the unread tweet counter? It turns out that you can just double-tap the Timeline tab (the leftmost icon that looks like a chat bubble). This works in both the iOS and Mac versions, though the Mac version also has the View ‣ Scroll to Last Read menu command.