Sunday, April 3, 2016

Protocol-Oriented MVVM

Natasha Murashev:

Instead of having that huge configure method, you can take out every part of it and put it into a SwitchWithTextCellProtocol for that cell. That got me really excited. This way, I can have my view model conform to this protocol, and set all these properties right there. Now, I don’t have to have this huge configure method, but I still have a way to ensure that every single property is actually set.


With protocol extensions in Swift 2.0, you can do the same thing with default values. If there is a certain color that’s relevant for most cells, you can just extend it and set that color. Any view model that implements this doesn’t have to set the color anymore.


Instead of tying my protocols to the actual cell, I can tie it to a more generic TextPresentable. This way, any view that has a label, not just cells, can conform to the text presentable protocol.

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