Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Adventures in Troubleshooting AirDrop

Dan Moren:

Just now, as I was writing out this list, I realized I hadn’t tried to force-quit and restart the Photos app, so I did that. And weirdly enough, that seemed to make AirDrop work again—at least for now.

Yet I still can’t be entirely sure that that’s what actually fixed it, and I think this is one reason that we’ve been having, of late, this discussion about the declining quality of Apple’s software.


All three of those factors taken together make the technology, which can feel magical at the best of times, instead seem downright capricious.

AirDrop is a total mystery to me. Half the time it works great. But half the time it doesn’t work at all, seemingly without me having changed anything, and no troubleshooting checklist ever seems to fix it. Then a few days or weeks later it mysteriously starts working again.

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I just spent one and a half hours on this earlier this afternoon. It came and went with about every other 10.11.4/7.3 beta and if they were in sync it worked lovely. But for the final version sending to my iPhone doesn't work, although sending to my Mac from it does seem to sometimes work.

A long time ago I stopped trying it. It wasted my time - exactly, because you never knew itf it would work.

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