Monday, March 21, 2016

When Your Swift Code Breaks the Compiler

MPow (via Natasha Murashev):

Swift is a relatively young language so it’s more common than in the past to spot some bugs, it’s part of the game, just we (or at least me) are not used to it. You may spend some time writing your code, modeling your architecture around protocols and then when you try it out: the compiler crashes.


This time I just lost half an hour changing the values more or less randomly until I realized that Swift was open source and I should have gone deeper in the compiler and try to debug it.

I haven’t gotten a compiler crash in a while, but I still get Source Kit Service crashes multiple times per day. Sometimes everything seems to keep working; other times, the indexing is messed up until I restart Xcode.

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Bless its heart.

I crashed Visual Studio 2015 with Update 1 C++ compiler. If Inline Macro Expansion for some code I have yet to isolate.

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