Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Remote Codesign Trust

Daniel Jalkut:

The changes are apparently rooted in a legitimate security update made by Apple, but the end result for us developers is pretty bleak. It’s seemingly impossible to authorize use of a code signing identity on a remote server. As my friend Mitch put it, he has to call IT and “get someone to go into the data closet” every time this happens. What a drag!


I poked around for a solution to this problem, and found it lurking in the answers and comments of a Stack Overflow question. The basic idea is you can convince OS X to trust codesign to use the tool, just as if you had clicked the “Allow” button in that UI prompt. Here is a recipe for doing just that, logged in as a remote user over say Screen Sharing[…]

Update (2016-03-15): Erik Schwiebert:

Clicking keychain dialog buttons via remote access@works again in 10.11.4 beta 4.

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