Tuesday, March 15, 2016

30 Pounds of Microsoft Office

Jeffrey Friedl:

Going through some closets in our childhood home, my sister came across some software she bought fresh out of college. It’s a blast from the 22-years-ago past, when software came with massive manuals.

In this case, the box weighs 30 pounds (14kg), and the manuals are 9" (23cm) wide.

I had the non-professional Mac version of Office, which I think was more of a cube because it didn’t include Access.

Update (2016-03-16): Lee Bennett:

How about Final Cut Studio?

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I remember when (the much-hated) Mac Office 4.2 came on floppies in a box like that with printed manuals, OR on one CD with no manuals

I still have an old early 90s Deneba Canvas manual. I never used Canvas that much, but that manual taught me a lot about vector graphics.

And... wow. I just realized that Canvas still exists. Downloading now.

Call me crazy, but I used to love those heavy packages, and those beautiful printed manuals...

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