Friday, March 11, 2016

Emoji Fonts Use Undocumented Features

Craig Hockenberry:

As a result, people are looking for ways to create a TrueType font containing Emoji bitmaps. This font will be embedded in iOS and OS X native apps. Conceivably, it could also be used as a web font.

Using Emoji as a part of a product’s branding is not dissimilar to Apple’s own use of Myriad Pro in marketing materials and San Francisco on devices. A font plays a huge role in a customer’s perception of a product.

The problem is that there is no documentation on how to generate an Emoji font that can be used with iOS and OS X.


Apple’s tools for working with fonts on OS X have not been updated since October 10th, 2011. They do not support Emoji. If Apple has a internal tool for constructing these fonts, it would be very helpful to third-party developers.

Update (2016-03-11): See these tweets from Rosyna Keller.

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