Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Legal Issues for Developers

Adam Silver interviews David Sparks:

Frankly, when you think about it, one of the ways people come after developers and web guys is they don’t just say “You screwed up and I paid you $5,000, so I want my $5,000 back.” They will say “You screwed up and as a result my website was down for two weeks and I lost $150,000 of revenue because of it and I want you to pay me that.” You want to … The contracts I write for my clients, a lot of the times we have, and this is something out there that you should talk to your lawyers about if you are doing this, it is called a “Limitation of Liability Clause”.


Another thing you do is you put a clause in there that says interest, that allows for interest. Not only if they don’t pay you and your attorney fees, you are going to collect interest on the money. You should also put a clause in there, especially if you are working outside of your home base, a lot of developers work all over the place, is to put local jurisdiction. Make them have to come to court where you live.

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