Saturday, January 30, 2016

VMware Fusion

Christian Hammond (via Craig Hockenberry and Paul Haddad, comments):

Yesterday morning, the Hosted UI team, responsible for VMware’s Workstation and Fusion products, woke up to find themselves out of a job. These products, despite being award-winning and profitable, are probably not long for this world.

Rob Griffiths:

Sad about Fusion, it was always my fave. Much more “Mac like” than Parallels with great performance. Will keep using it until I can’t.

It hasn’t been canceled, but the entire local team is gone. I read something that said future dev is offshored to China.

Sean Gallagher:

When contacted to comment, a VMware spokesman said that the company was committed to continuing development and support for Fusion and Workstation and that the company was “transitioning the Fusion and Workstation teams to co-locate” with the rest of the company as part of its reorganization. “Our commitment to Fusion and Workstation products is unchanged,” he said.


VMware was acquired by EMC in 2004, which offered 15 percent of VMware’s stock in a 2007 initial public offering. EMC is in the process of being acquired by Dell, which would give Dell a majority stake in VMware (though the company will remain independent).

Fusion is a great app. I hope it lives on.

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Update (2016-02-08): Christian Hammond (via Hacker News):

I’d like to share some thoughts and pictures from a few people in our team about what made our team great, and share some comments from some of our users. Keeping it positive here.

Update (2018-09-27): Michael Roy:

Fwiw, we’ve restructured since then. The lay-off was a call by 1 person who is no longer with VMware, and should have never happened. I went on a 2 year mission to fix, and we’ve just moved into the vSphere team and are doubling our headcount.

I’m very excited for the future :)

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William T. Johnson

How easy would it be for the PLA (which seems to control tech-everything in China) to inject a back-door into Fusion's networking code?

Does VirtualBox have anything comparable to the three views in Fusion -- i.e. Single Window, Full Screen, and (especially) Unity?

"I read something that said future dev is offshored to China."

off-shored to China (or to a contractor) = dead product (cf Twitter for Mac).

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