Friday, January 22, 2016

Mobile Safari Tips

Rene Ritchie:

To show you more of the page content, Safari hides the toolbar as you scroll down. Instead of trying to make it reveal itself by scrolling back up […] Tap the very bottom of the screen.


Touch and hold down on the back arrow button at the bottom left to pull up the history list of pages you visited previously.


Touch and hold down on the tab you want to reorder. Drag it to the position you want it.


When the time comes to close a tab, you can hit the small X button at the top left, but if you want to be a little more physical, and have a little more fun […] Toss it away to the left.


Once you find the web page you want, you might still need to find specific text on that page like a word or phrase. You can still do that in the most recent version of iOS, but the option has moved to the Share sheet.

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You can also find in a page by typing your search term in the search box and scrolling to the bottom of the suggestions; it'll show "On This Page". I had no idea it was even in the share sheet.

I wish I had known either of the find-on-page tips; I needed to do that on the go recently and could not figure out what had happened to find!

I see the Share sheet is where everything that is not one of the 5 blessed toolbar buttons is stuffed these days :-P

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