Thursday, January 7, 2016

Five Years of Mac App Store

Graham Spencer:

The Mac App Store, announced at Apple’s ‘Back to the Mac’ event in late 2010, offered the alluring promise of revitalising the Mac app market with easier access to customers, and, it was hoped, greater financial success for developers.


Apple has let the Mac App Store stagnate and become a second class citizen to the iOS App Store and too many developers are leaving or avoiding the Mac App Store. When important apps leave the Mac App Store, it makes the store as a whole less enticing and customers have one less reason to open the Mac App Store.

Just how often do you open the Mac App Store?

Michael Rockwell:

But Graham’s right, the only time I ever open the Mac App Store is when there are updates available for software I already own.

Stephen Hackett:

There’s still promise in the Mac App Store, but Apple has a long way to go to prove that it can be worthwhile for developers again. I’d like to see them address this, since an all-in-one place to download and update apps can really simplify things for everyday users.

Nick Heer:

The Mac App Store simply doesn’t compete. […] when few high-profile apps are available from the Mac App Store and the Store is cluttered with lots of really crappy apps, it’s hard to recommend it.

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The Mac App Store is also cluttered with confusing apps (like the App Store). For instance, one of my relatives thought that the CloudApp application on the MAS was iCloud.

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