Thursday, December 10, 2015

Not Your Mac, Anymore

Mike Ash:

I can’t attach to TextEdit because of system integrity protection?


the point of the thing is to prevent software to do damage to the system where a user gave their admin password.

Mike Ash:

How does preventing debuggers attaching to unimportant processes match that intent?

Mayur Pawashe:

you may be able to copy TextEdit to your Desktop and attach to a running instance of it, if SIP is still broken in this way

Milen Dzhumerov:

the ominous wording when you disable SIP seems quite worrying: “… is an unsupported configuration, likely to break in the future…”.

Rosyna Keller:

TIL rootless has the ability to disable protections for one specific class if you only need to change one thing!

Update (2015-12-10): Paul Kim:

I can’t attach to SysPrefs with SIP. We’re not talking about hacking things here. SysPrefs has a officially sanctioned plugin API.

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"Not Your Mac, Anymore"


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