Wednesday, December 9, 2015

iOS 9.2

iOS 9.2 unfortunately doesn’t fix the three most annoying iOS 9 issues for me:

  1. The Shift key doesn’t work the first time when typing the passcode to unlock my iPad mini and iPhone 6s. I have to swipe back to the lock screen and then swipe back to the keyboard first.
  2. Opening the Camera app pauses audio that’s playing.
  3. The Camera app doesn’t remember that I always want to use HDR.

I hit all of these multiple times per day.

Camera is one of the most important apps for me, so it’s frustrating that using it is so annoying. The obvious solution would be to try a third-party app, but I have yet to find one that I like. ProCamera (App Store) seems promising, but it’s more complicated than I prefer, and the HDR feature feels very slow. Perhaps this is because it’s not using Apple’s HDR implementation—there does not appear to be an API to access that.

Of course, even if I found a camera app that I liked, I wouldn’t be able to access it from the lock screen or Control Center. iOS doesn’t let you change the default camera app.

Update (2015-12-11): John Gordon:

Neither of my bugs were fixed: audiobook titles, cellular data restrictions.

Kirk McElhearn:

In iOS 9.2, Apple made a subtle change. When you swipe now, one window slides out of the way, but the stream of windows stops on the next one, instead of continuing, potentially past the window you want to tap. It’s as if the windows snap into position as you swipe.

Update (2016-02-18): In iOS 9.3, the audio still pauses when you open the camera, but it resumes when you exit the camera.

Update (2016-03-19): Andrew Abernathy:

The way the Live Photos feature substantially worsened the user experience of non-Live photography makes me hate it.

For me, at least, the camera app certainly shouldn’t kill audio if it’s playing via Bluetooth/AirPlay, or via headphones.

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I forgot to list here that, since iOS 9, a friend has been having problems with the iOS Mail app not fully loading images. She gets gray boxes or just the first few lines of pixels. Deleting and re-adding the account did not help. The same account works fine on the Mac and via Web mail.

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