Friday, December 4, 2015

Launching PDF Expert for Mac

Denys Zhadanov (via Hacker News):

Watching 51 seconds and understanding the concept is much easier than reading a webpage or article, no matter how great they are. That’s why I strongly recommend shooting a professional video for your product launch.


Apple is being very helpful these days, and they want developers to succeed. That is why you really should keep in touch with App Store Business Management and keep them updated on what you’re building and when you’re getting ready for a launch.


 I initially thought that Mac App Store is pretty small, but it’s possible to pull solid revenue just there. #1 position in Top Charts will give you 1000–1200 installs a day in the US alone.

However, they also have a direct sale version because they really wanted to offer trials. They send out multiple e-mails to potential customers (who have signed up) before and after the trial period expires.

Update (2016-09-06): Denys Zhadanov:

I believe that developers are able to make good extra revenue on the Mac App Store, as opposed to distributing apps via the web site alone.


Since it’s more difficult to create a great Mac app, and the trend has been to abandon the Mac App Store, there’s less competition there! If you manage to create a great product that you know people will love, you can be a stand out there.

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