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Put Save As Back on the File Menu

Adam C. Engst:

Regardless, the more important question is how you can bring Save As back, if that’s what you’d prefer. I fall into that category — the make-a-duplicate-and-then-save model doesn’t fit with the way I work.

You could remember to press Option when the File menu is showing to reveal Save As or invoke Save As from the keyboard with Command-Shift-Option-S. But that’s fussy, and there’s a way to put Save As back on the File menu permanently, and even replace Duplicate with it, if that’s what you want.

If you assign a keyboard shortcut, the system will show the Save As menu item all the time, instead of treating it as an alternate of Duplicate.


What I'd really like to know is why I have to use three dots (...) instead of the ellipsis (…) for the menu item.

@Pierre It could be related to localization reasons.

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