Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Worst App

Allen Pike (via Federico Viticci):

The app’s website link on the App Store went to an unrelated company, and the copyright credit was for another unrelated company. I contacted them, and they were as confused as I was. With no way to contact the actual creator of the app, the only solution was to get Apple to pull it.


These weren’t emails for a Steamclock app at all. […] Turns out, this is my problem. One email a month turned into one a week, then one a day, then multiple every day. Soon I was spending more time dealing with support for Music Player & Playlist Playtube manager than I was for our actual apps.

When customers complained to Apple about the scam app that was directing technical support to his company, they were told to contact him. And then:

Yesterday I got an unexpected email, congratulating me on launching some app called “Feeling Drawing”. I checked the store, and sure enough a new app had just gone live, featuring virtually the same icon as the Playtube app, but this time called Feeling Drawing and attributed to “Solaro Nohimdad”. This time, the app’s support website was listed as They even went as far to proclaim the app “© Steamclock”. In the immortal words of Stephanie, OHHH HELL NO.

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