Thursday, November 5, 2015

Dropbox API v2 Drops Objective-C SDK

Steve Marx (via Peter Steinberger):

There are currently four SDKs for API v2: Swift, Python, .NET, and Java. We’re continuing to add new SDKs, so watch the blog for upcoming announcements. All SDKs and documentation for API v2 are managed via a code generation process, which means that they’re consistent across languages and easy to update as we add new API features.


Developers have often asked us to support the notion of a file ID: a unique identifier for a file that remains constant even when the file is moved. We’re pleased to announce that API v2 includes this highly-requested feature. Developers can now use file IDs instead of paths to make sure their apps don’t lose track of a file when it’s moved by a user.

You could call the old Objective-C API from Swift, but the new API does not work from Objective-C.

Update (2015-11-05): Matthew Abbot:

FWIW, objc support is planned as soon as the swift API leaves beta. There are a few aspects that will need a compat layer.

Update (2015-11-09): This Week in Swift links to this thread, which makes it look like Dropbox didn’t realize what they were doing.

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The APIs are HTTP based, you can call them from "bash" with "curl". There is no magic in these SDKs.

The only API for which Dropbox had to provide SDK was the Datastore, which they, alas, discontinued.

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