Monday, November 2, 2015

SuperDuper’s El Capitan Issues

Dave Nanian:

Much of this is our fault. The update itself isn’t displayed until the application launches, and a scheduled copy continues past the notice and completes the tasks at hand, then quits. That means that most users never even see SuperDuper! doing its thing, and thus never even know the update is available. So, by trying to be as “magic” and “unobtrusive” as possible, we end up hiding important information.


Non-Apple applications can no longer programmatically set the startup drive, so we can’t offer that as an “On successful completion” option. And, due to the above, the option to restart from the backup drive has also been disabled.


It seems that, on some systems, the size of a pipe write can shrink much smaller than in previous versions of the OS, perhaps because of resource constraints (although our test system that was always failing was a new Mac Pro with tons of resources)…as small, as far as we can tell, as the guaranteed minimum of 512 bytes. So, when our commands got larger than that, things started to fail on some systems, sometimes.

Still quite annoying. And even with that, we’d expect an error to be returned or thrown when writing to the pipe, but that didn’t happen…and seems to be a new bug in El Capitan.

I updated before Mac OS X 10.11 came out, and it’s been totally problem-free for me.

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