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OmniFocus 2.9 for iOS

The Omni Group has fixed an annoying part of using Siri to create OmniFocus actions:

Captured Reminders — Added a hidden preference for whether Reminders Capture should add a note about where to find the original item. You can turn the note off using:

this URL

…and back on using:

this one

The other main issue I’ve been seeing lately, which doesn’t seem to be fixed, is that the button to create a new action often disappears. Sometimes it comes back if I go back to the top menu or open and close a project.

Update (2015-11-02): Ken Case says the hidden “New Inbox Item” button problem was fixed in version 2.8.1. I’m pretty sure I was using that, as I have automatic app updates enabled on my iPhone, however I can’t be sure. So far, the problem has not recurred in version 2.9.


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