Monday, October 26, 2015

The Story of NetNewsWire

Rebekah Wolf:

Still feeling that iCloud would be the best fit once it was fully functional, the product team shifted their focus to developing Kaleidoscope 2 while they waited for Apple to work out the issues.

“By the time we shipped Kaleidoscope 2, we had internal discord around whether or not it was worth working on NetNewsWire anymore,” says Pasco, detailing the ill-fated turn of events. “Bil [Moorehead, CTO], George [Dick, COO], and I were for it, and most of the business management team was strongly against it. This, with some major internal problems, resulted in us focusing on client work and shelving product for a while.”

It’s a shame that the whole product was put on hold for a feature that some of us don’t care that much about.

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